Rescuing a Sunset Photo

The assignment was a last minute request to deliver a sunset pool shot for the cover of an offering memorandum. We set up the camera on a tripod and waited for “magic hour”–the time of day just after sunset when the brightness of the sky matches the surroundings. However, while the pool and deck lights were supposed to come on at sunset, they never did. And one of the elements that contributes to a successful pool shot is a lit pool. Our challenge was to retouch one of the shots taken and transform it into a presentable cover photo.





Our solution was to use a shot taken a little earlier just after the sun set.  The sky was replaced with a more interesting one that showed a sunset sky with clouds.  The windows had to be retouched to show reflections from a sunset sky.  And of course the pool had to look like the pool lights were on. To achieve this effect we took the surface of a pool from a totally different project that was photographed at sunset a few days before this shoot.  The result was successful and ended up on the OM cover.