JLL Projects in 2016

We have been working with JLL Capital Markets and brokerage for over twenty years, and deal with their Southern California offices as well as offices in Phoenix, Chicago, and New York.  Here is a selection of some of the projects we photographed in 2016.

80_S_Lake_006 80_S_Lake_263 80_S_Lake_228 80_S_Lake_254 1750_E_4th_015 1750_E_4th_056 Herbalife_178 Herbalife_065 Herbalife_comp 72_Corporate_045 Commons_Valencia_Gtwy_036 Commons_Valencia_Gtwy_069 Nestle_108 Hilton_Harbor_Island_079 Hilton_Harbor_Island_059 Pasadena_Towers_Comp_5 Pasadena_Towers_227 Pasadena_Towers_Comp2_1 Toyota_Campus_009 Toyota_Campus_072 Toyota_Campus_251 Toyota_Campus_287